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Ephesians 3:19 (NIV) and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.

Year one is a twelve-month commitment that is developed to establish the character that is needed to sustain the gifts and talents in every student that comes through FCA. The students will learn to lead themselves well according to the life Christ has called us to live and to live in reckless abandonment to Him. 

The goal is to die to the desires of our flesh and lay down all we have learned from the culture we live in so that we can fully be alive in Christ. During year one, you will be doing Bible classes to start your certification towards being a certified pastor, you will be studying and memorizing 520 verses from God’s Word, there will be a test every Monday on ten verses that you have memorized. The schedule is full of times of filling up and pouring out which consists of going to the gym, study time, prayer time, and pouring out too different ministries and our surrounding community. In the last 3 months of your first year, you will get a focus day to invest into the ministry of your choosing. 
“Ministry is hard! There is no easy way to develop the perseverance needed to do ministry. Because this is a ministry academy, we will be preparing you for just that…ministry.” - Pastor Jason McKay



Worship Track Includes

- Musicianship

- Music Directing/Worship Leading

- Tech/Live Stream

Creative Academy Includes:

- Video/Photo

- Graphic design

- Web design

- Social media

- Live Environment


We understand that FCA is something that people want to do and a year commitment is a lot, and we don’t want to discredit that by any means. So we figured, why not meet everyones needs. FCA Seasons is everything that the entire first year is, except its just for one season (4 months to be exact). You would be doing to same day to day stuff as a regular first year, punctuality is a must and you would get to choose whether you wanna be in the Ministry or the Creative academy. You are a full time FCA student, just for a shorter period of time. After your 4 months are up you are done, but if you choose that you want to do an additional 4 months, you of course are welcome to, you could even finish out the year if that is where the Lord leads you. 

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