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Going through the motions

Can I be the first one to say, I love the ocean? The mystery of the deep that hasn’t been explored yet, and the waves. Oh my gosh, the waves. Sitting in the water and letting them overtake you. So much joy emanates from that moment. Though, the same cannot be said about my relationship with God.

In the early stages of ”my” faith, when it wasn’t really my faith, I truly did follow the lead of others. Raising my hands only when others did. Participating in alter calls every week. I never really knew what faith, or anything like that was. So I just did what others did. It got me through church. That’s about it.

Fast forward to now, and honestly, I feel like I’m slipping back into the motions. Trying to get into my word everyday, and not just open my Bible and read a few pages. Worship needs to be genuine again. While I feel like it is, it only feels like that inside the church.

Morale of the story, blog more than a story. The ocean of Christ can be very intense sometimes. High waves and deep underwater valleys. The inbetween is the perfect spot. Not riding the high, for the crash into the valley will destroy you after.



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