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Why am I talking about this, because over the past few months I have been thinking of this. I have struggled at times to see myself as valued. It took me a while to stop comparing myself to others. I did that a lot in my childhood with my brothers, until the point where they told me to stop comparing myself to them. They told me that God made me the way that I am and he loves me that way. I have grown a lot since then and I realized, that I was valued by God, for several years. Then when I got to FCA, I started to compare myself to others again, I thought others were more spiritual than me. Though at the time I didn’t realize what God was doing in my Heart, He was changing it for the better. There is a worship song that I really felt Him speak to me to make me realize that I was valued. That song was Called Dear God by Cory Asbury, this song in the first half of it is basically Him telling God that he felt like giving up. But he didn’t and started to realize that he could hear God in the melody which reminded Him of that. The second half of the song really encourages me, because it is taking the perspective of God. One of my absolute favorite lyrics of this song, is it starts out like this “ And dear child I hope you know how much I Love you and I’m proud of You and please believe, the thoughts I have for will never change or fade away and when you felt like giving up I never did. Cause I’m not scared of imperfections or the questions in your Head just know you have always been enough”.

That right there is my absolute favorite part of the song Because it helped me reaffirmed what the Lord has spoken to me before. This song when I heard it, I knew that this was the Lord telling me to keep fighting and keep Going. So my thought is on this is that I will continue in my faith towards him and I won’t stop till he calls me home. But I also challenge those who feel like if they can’t hear the voice of God or they are struggling to continue in your faith, go to him in how you worship, however that maybe. Because he is there when you don’t realize He is, and if you hear God I recommend listening to this song, God used it to speak to me and he Can use it for you to. You just have to go to Him in prayer first, I would recommend finding a group of people to pray with you a good group. Mine is FCA the best Prayer warriors a guy could ever have, and friends he could have to. I hope this encourages others as it has for me God has changed my life in FCA, he can change yours to.



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