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Fish talk

“I want to reach for God the way I reach for my phone. When I’m bored, when I’m uncomfortable, when I need answers or entertainment. When I’m lonely and need someone to talk to.” Cory Asbury.

This is one of my favorite quotes that I have read and to me it is so convicting. It’s crazy how often we reach for our phones. Being completely honest, my average screen time is at least four hours a day. So let’s do the math to figure out how much time I spend on my phone in one year…

1 year has 8,750hrs

> 24hr x 365 = 8,750hrs

4 hrs a day x 365 = 1,460hrs

So then divide 1,460hrs by 24 hrs = 60.83

So on average I spend almost 61 days out of the whole year on my phone. That is unbelievable to me. Like that’s crazy! That this one little thing captivates so much of my attention that I spend 61 days on it. Now granted, not all that time is spent scrolling on Instagram or Tik Tok but I couldn’t imagine what my spiritual life would look like if I commited four hours a day to it. It would be incredible!

I love how Exodus 34:14 talks about our God being a jealous God. He wants our attention, he yearns for it. I mean he wanted it so badly that he sent his son to die for our sins so we could have a relationship with him, he sacrificed the most important thing to him so he could spend eternity with us. Just knowing that alone shows how much he loves us and how badly he wants us to know him, to spend time with him and understand his character. Although before you can truly have a relationship with him you have to not only repent of your sins but then you have to surrender everything and lay it all at his feet.

Lately I had been holding some things back from the people I love. I haven't been completely transparent with what I’m struggling with and asking for prayer is very hard for me. So in result my spiritual life has suffered. My sin had created this barrier between God and I to where I couldn’t feel close to him until I confessed my sins. Now I’ll tell you right now it is never easy to confess that you messed up. It sucks and it hurts but after you let it go you feel so free! It’s truly incredible that no matter what we do or how many times we make the same mistake that our heavenly father always forgives us. His grace and mercy is always there but we have to be willing to accept it.

So as I challenge myself I challenge those who are reading to put time limits on apps if you can, get accountability partners, do what you have to do to limit distractions and spend time with the one that created you!

Thank you for reading,

Kate Sodini



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