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I’ve been keeping a gratitude log for a little over a month now: every morning, night, and

sometimes throughout the day, I write down at least five things that I’m grateful for. It’s been

really cool to see how many things happen throughout my day that I’m grateful for (it shifts my perspective from the few but magnetized negatives in my day, and onto the more abundant but frequently overlooked positives). I want to share an old entry with you; I pray that the multiplicity of simple daily joys inspires you to live a life characterized by thanksgiving!

“... Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

- 1 Thes. 5:18

Wednesday 4-21-21

Morning: Thank you for waking me up this morning. Thank You that [Mike, Keri, and I] got to

watch This Is Us last night. Thank You for a good night’s sleep, and that I got to talk to my mom last night. Thank You for soap for Labrie and I, and that Mike, Kenny and I get to go to Men’s coffee this morning. Thank You that [FCMA gets] to go see Bernard again today. Today’s a great day and will continue to be, because of You. In Jesus’ mighty name, I thank You, Hallelujah!

Day: Lord, thank You so much for a wonderful conversation with PJ; thank You for validating

what I’m doing by choosing gratitude and keeping track of the things that I’m thankful for.

Thank You for tomato soup filling my belly; I thought that it would leave me hungry but it

actually didn’t. Thank You for my car. Thank You for the fear of You, that leads me down the path of righteousness. Thank You Father, for Your love and kindness, God, I love You. You are

my God, and You are good, and You’ll never, ever, ever leave. I’m so thankful that we got to

hang out with Benard, and that he remembered my family from Abundant Life, it was so cool. I’m so thankful that PJ came with us, and that we got to hang out with each other. I thank You [for using] Chyenne, Austin and I in powerful ways, and [for looking] after and using Caleb and Sarah in super powerful ways even though they’re home. I’m thankful for the encounters we had today. Thank You for love and power, Yahweh, I love You and I trust You. Thank You so much Lord, that I have a family who LOVES to talk to me. Thank You.

Night: I’m so thankful that we got to watch The Chosen together. I love that show so much, I cry at least once every time, usually at the end. I’m glad that we got to eat dinner as a family today, it’s been a while. We also got to read together, and I got to say goodnight to Bowen and Charlie. I got to speak to Mommy and Gama today, and laugh with Nini. I also had a very good conversation with Keri, and she gave me some great advice regarding my relationship with my Dad. I’m glad that we’re [having] Secret Church at our house; I’m thankful that we have a movie room to watch it in. I’m also thankful that You spoke to Austin today and gave him peace and confirmation in his decision about doing a second year. In everything, Your will be done. I’m thanking You for a good night’s rest, for full recuperation tonight, and motivation to walk into the day that You’ve chosen and seized for Your Kingdom tomorrow morning. Amen.



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