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“Hang tough”

“never, ever give up regardless of the adversity if you are a leader, a fellow who other fellows look too, you have to keep going .“

- Dick Winters former World War 2 vet

That statement to me defines somewhat of what I want to be as a leader, this year has helped me grow in that. FCMA has truly helped me Grow tremendously as a leader, it has showed me what true leadership is about. Seeing this quote by Lieutenant Dick Winters of the 101st airborne, shows me that leaders, lead from the front. What I mean about that is if you are leading men and women you have to be the first one through every trial that you face and every success that you get because the example you set for them will dictate what they do in the future. When I look at a scene from band of brothers, it shows the actor playing Dick Winters helping every one of his men into the plane. That to me did not make much sense till I realized what was happening was he was the last one on the plan but he was by the door. Last on the plane first off it, what that means as the leader he was going to be the first one into combat. So as a leader in Christ I need to be able to be the first one in different situations and lead them into a path for Christ.

I will say my goal is to become that leader for everyone that I lead and be able to guide them on the best path towards Christ.

I challenge you with this, be the leader that you are striving for. God will surprise you with amazing blessings by leading people to him.



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