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Understanding Jesus

A few weeks ago I finally got around to watching The Chosen. You know, the show that pops up on your Facebook as an ad all the time. Without this turning into a movie review I just wanted to talk about how this show changed the way I look at Jesus. I’ve always seen Jesus only as the son of God, and while that is what he is, he came in the form of man. I always took the phase “he was perfect” as he led a “perfect life”. Never got a scratch, never cried, and was this stoic teacher, but seeing the way they portrayed him made me remember that although he is the son of God, he still was human. The scene that made me have this “aha moment” was when Jesus and his followers were walking to the wedding in Cana and Andrew asks Jesus “do they know what an honor it is that you’re attending their wedding?” And Jesus responds with “well considering I was the clumsy teenager who cracked my head open at there house when Asher (the groom) was a child, I don’t know about that.” This scene not only reminded me that growing up Jesus probably got hurt as all kid’s growing up enviably do, but it reminds me that Gods sense of humor. I mean look at Numbers 22:28, God made a DONKEY talk. That’s hilarious!

Now don’t get me wrong I know that this show is an interpretation on the Bible and other historical evidences of the past, it’s not going to be exact to the Bible.

Another thing I want to write about with the chosen, is when Nicodemus meets with Jesus. But first I need to flashback a month or 2 ago to my SOZO session. The biggest thing I took out of it was when the lady asked how I saw Jesus, I couldn’t picture anything but I had an overwhelming feeling of a warm hug. Now when Nicodemus was in this meeting with Jesus by the end of it Nicodemus is on the ground weeping to Nicodemus, what does Jesus do?

He picks him up and hugs him.

That! That is what I felt. I was visually seeing the feeling I had. Completely having a God moment while I’m laying in the dark watching this show. I just think it’s so cool how God uses different peoples talents to show himself.



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